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Wahl Coleman Ranch dominates the west view from Kenosha Pass.  Ringed by peaks along the Continental Divide, this landscape is marked by large hay meadows, wetlands, forested slopes, and dry grasslands.  A very rare plant community (fen) supports two globally rare and eight state-rare species.  In addition, the ranch provides a diversity of habitat for elk, deer, migratory waterfowl, pronghorn, blue grouse, and raptors.

A conservation easement ensures permanent proteciton of this 1830-acre ranch and its associated water rights.  The water rights are critical to the long-term viability of the hay meadows which are an integral part of the ranch.

Funding for the Wahl-Coleman Ranch conservaiton easement was provided by the Park County Land & Water Trust Fund, Great Outdoors Colorado, and the Colorado Division of Wildlife.