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The Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative (MRHI) rare alpine plant & trail survey project entails three objectives: 1) Botanical survey of Mosquito Range rare plant communities in relation to trails/roads; 2) Develop & implement a Conservation Plan to protect rare plants; and 3) Educate community residents & visitors on them and methods to preserve and protect them.  408 instances of six rare plants were surveyed and mapped during 2011 and 2012, including 35 new instances of Eutrema penlandii. E. penlandii is a small perennial plant species in the mustard family.  In addition, trails were built, redefined or closed to protect rare plants from human impacts.  Noxious weeds were pulled on 284 acres.  Education efforts included wildflower walks, presentations at HOAs and other community meetings, in the monthly newsletter and educational signage along trails.

Partners in the project are the USFS, USF&WS, BLM and Colorado Natural Heritage Program. Park County Land and Water Trust Fund partially funded work completed in 2011 and 2012.