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Phase 1 and 2

They have combined all the data they collected from different areas into one data set based on the formation the aquifer is located in. There is lots of data in the database. They have decades of data from the USGS. They are looking at data from health departments but not all of the data is pertinent. They have created water characterization and quality maps. So far the data is in PDF files. The data will be on the Colorado Geological Society website. They are working on inputting the data into the Colorado Data Sharing Network.  The data shows that in some aquifers the concentration of total dissolved solids is high. The Stiff diagrams, showing the character of the water are very interesting. Additional monitoring will determine if a delicate equilibrium exists that keeps saline groundwater separate from near surface fresh water. They will collect data from 33 wells and 10 springs. This data will be added to the existing database.  Maps will be developed and integrated in the County Geology and Groundwater Resources web page.


Phase 1 Final Report