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EPSON MFP image EPSON MFP imageThe South Park Ranger District (SPRD) identified a growing problem at Selkirk Campground, located about 20  miles north of Fairplay.  Wild Connections and USFS worked together to close illegal trails near Hoosier Pass. This activity is causing heavy impacts to the wetlands of North Tarryall Creek and the tundra near Hoosier ridge. This project will protect and improve the Tarryall Creek headwaters.  They will also install seasonal gates. They closed 2.1 miles of illegal trails by installing posts and cable along designated roads to prevent vehicles from going off road .  Hunters provided feedback that they are happy the illegal trails were closed. They had 52 volunteers working over 4 days for approximately a $23,000 in-kind contribution.  South Park Boys and Girls Club also participated. . Wild Connections donated a banner thanking the Trust Fund.  They will be installing seasonal gates to complete the project.   Some partners South Park National Heritage Area, Patagonia, Coalition for Upper South Platte (CUSP), Mosquito Range Heritage initiative, US Forest Service,

Selkirk Gulch Report #1