Funding Process » Project Funding Criteria

All project funding requests must meet one or more of the following criteria established by Park County Resolution 97-75.  Please use these criteria to answer Question #4 on the attached funding application form.

The mission of the Park County Land & Water Trust is to:

a) To preserve, protect, improve and maintain Park County’s remaining water resources and lands in Park County containing associated water rights and water resources.

b) To acquire fee title interest in real property in Park County for the preservation, protection, improvement and maintenance of Park County’s remaining water resources.

c) To acquire less than fee title interest in real property in Park County, such as rights-of-way easements (including conservation and agricultural easements), leases, options, future interests, covenants, development rights, subsurface rights and contractual rights, either on an exclusive or nonexlcusive basis, for the preservation, protection, acquisition, improvement and maintenance of Park County’s remaining water resources.

d) To acquire water rights and water storage rights for use in connection with the aforementioned purposes.