Test dropbox page

Here is a test page. It uses Dropbox to hold the files. Dropbox is a file holding service. This gets around having to worry about uploading giant files.

To try it you can edit this page.

  • Navigate to the spot in the page where you would like to add a file.
  • Click Add Media.
  • Choose “Insert from URL”.
  • Click the “Link to Dropbox” button.
  • This opens a separate window that leads to my dropbox account. When we go live it’ll be your own dropbox account that I can help you set up if need.
  • Select a file
  • Select choose
  • Add some text that describes the link
  • Select “Insert into Page”

This will allow us to use files of any size. Dropbox accounts are free to start and pretty cheap even for a terabyte of data.

Here is a test file I inserted.